About BC4J Data Tags

Oracle JDeveloper provides set of JSP 1.1 compliant custom tags known as Business Component for Java (BC4J) data tags. BC4J data tags provide a simple tag-based approach to interact with business component datasources. The tags provide complete access to business components and allow viewing, editing, and full DML control.

Custom data tags allow for simplified interaction with Business Components for Java datasources. The tag-based approach to building JSP web applications with Business Components does not require extensive Java programming and is very much like coding an HTML page.

JSP pages that you design with data tags require that you initiate post and commit operations on the database, when the user modifies data. Only JSP pages that release the application module resource in stateless mode, automatically post and commit data. When you specify JSP pages that use the stateful or reserved mode, you must handle the database transaction yourself.

For additional background information about JSP custom tags, see the JSP 1.1 specification at http://www.javasoft.com/products/jsp/.