Apache Module for Oracle Servlet Engine (mod_ose)                           

Introduction :

The mod_ose module in the Oracle HTTP server (powered by Apache) serves as a conduit between Apache and OSE. It uses HTTP tunneling over Net8 as the protocol between Apache and OSE, thus, leveraging Net8 features such as load balancing, firewall support, connection manager. Unlike mod_jserv which closes connection for every request, mod_ose holds on to the connection to the OSE  for the duration of the client connection for stateful application. For, stateless connections, the connection survives for the scope of Apache process. mod_ose uses HTTP chunking for efficient data transfer. (Please refer to Chapter 5 of Oracle Servlet Engine  User's Guide for more details on mod_ose).

Configuration Issues :

mod_ose and SSL

You can have SSL connection between mod_ose and OSE just like SSL connection between client and the Apache.  Make sure you have the following to get this working :

 Known Issues :

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