Oracle SOAP Release Notes

iAS v1.0.2.2


  1. server-side infrastructure for managing and running SOAP enabled services
  2. Java client API for invoking SOAP services
  3. supports pluggable XML parser
  4. supports pluggable providers that enable extensible support for different types of services.  This release includes:
  5. supports RPC invocation over HTTP transport
  6. Security features include:
  7. Supports these encoding styles:
  8. SOAP servlet is configurable via an XML configuration file
  9. auditing of SOAP requests and responses
  10. pluggable handlers can be configured to run globally as part of a response chain, request chain, or error chain
  11. pluggable provider manager (release includes file-based manager of deployed providers)
  12. pluggable service manager (release includes file-base manager of deployed services)
  13. pluggable logger (release includes servlet logger and stdout logger)
  14. SOAP servlet runs in a servlet engine that supports Java Servlet Specification v2.0 (JServ)


  1. JDK 1.1.8 or 1.2


The following features of the SOAP v1.1 specification are not currently supported:

Documentation and additional resources:

 Oracle SOAP Developer's Guide

 Oracle SOAP API Javadoc

 SOAP v1.1 Specification

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (  SOAP is provided "AS IS."