About Me

Tuze Kuyucu I am a JSPS Research Fellow in the Socio-Informatics group, Department of Information Systems Design, Doshisha University. I have a BSc in Engineering Physics (2006) from the Murray State University, and a PhD in Electronics (2010) from the University of York. My research interests are mainly in the field of evolutionary computation, and particularly in the study of emergent behaviour, collective intelligence in robots, genetic programming, evolvable hardware, and swarms.

You can find more about the projects I have been involved with, a list of my publications, my CV and contact information on this web page.

When I am not doing research, I am usually outdoors; climbing rocks, photographing things of various nature, drinking coffee/beer. If I can not be outdoors, I dedicate my time to reading, cooking, movies and languages.

Dr. Tüze Kuyucu
Department of Information Systems Design
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Doshisha University,
1-3 Miyakodani, Tatara, Kyotanabe,
Kyoto 610-0321

Tel: +81-774-656-951
tuze_kuyucu( a t )hotmail.com

You can access a summary of my resume. For a more detailed version please get in touch.